Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Cats Gets a New Look

Okay, I've been piddling around nearly all day with my blogs and their looks and their content.  I've received some inspiration and encouragement from some friendly voices on a forum I visit (too often!).  I've taken out the overly-busy and too-cute background, settled for neat and clean colors that I love, and Two Cats is ready for 2010.  I also played around with my camera and came up with this

Now if only I could be so productive in the rest of my life.

Monday, December 28, 2009

And the Truth Is...

Christmas Season is not yet ended.  I realize that.  We have not celebrated the New Year or Epiphany yet.  I know.  But I'm ready to get back to the routine of regular life, school and piano lessons, play dates and field trips.  At Christmastime I love the break from the routine, but it's so strange how after a while, the break is no longer constructive.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cows, Not Cats

I called our friends to invite them to play yesterday afternoon, and on a whim she invited us to join them on an outing to a local dairy farm.  Some other families were going to investigate the possibility of buying a cow share so as to get raw milk.  I was interested, it sounded fun, so off we went.  It was muddy, but very nice for the children to see all the animals, and we were delighted with the new calves.  Here are a couple of the fun moments on the farm...Oh yes, and I am seriously considering a share to have the raw milk.  It's wonderful stuff.

Why is it always About the Cats?

Albert has not yet come home.  We don't dismiss the possibility of his return, by any means, but it seems some newcomers to the family have worked their way on the scene.  If Albert-ol-boy does come home, well...we'll have a lot of cats.

We had to check for him at the local shelter, of course.  When we did, the kids and I roamed around and looked at all the pets that were there for adoption.  Certainly we weren't looking for ourselves--just admiring all the cute, cuddly, wonderful, adoptable, heart-melting creatures that were begging every passing soul to rescue them.  Matty and I found ourselves lingering in front of one cage in particular.  Four eyes, eight legs, loud purrs, sweet snuggles...oh brothers!

These guys snatched about ten minutes of our sanity and here we are...Jack and Oliver are now part of the Mine family, and I'll say it again... "NO MORE CATS!"

...Until the next time one really, really sweet cat tells me she's been waiting just for me and really needs a home...ugh.  My allergies really can't take it.