Monday, September 07, 2009


So I asked my friends, "Is it cheesy to be inspired by a movie?" To which they heartily replied, "Oh, no!" but really I think it is a bit cheesy to be inspired to actually DO something because of a movie. Enough said, but nevertheless, I--and they--were inspired by the movie Julie and Julia. It's a movie (originally a book) about a woman in Queens, NY, turning thirty, living in a grungy apartment with her husband and her cat, who finds herself in the undertaking of a crazy project. She decides (at her husband's suggestion) to cook all of the recipes from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 365 days and blog about it. It was a huge number of recipes...564 I believe, and she had this crummy little kitchen and this doubting mother and these nasty friends whom she admitted to not even liking, and she persevered through all of it, and actually completed the project. Of course she did. If she had not she would not now be famous, nor would I be writing about all this.

It wasn't her perseverance that was so inspiring to was Julia Childs and her cooking that inspired me. In my heart of hearts I really enjoy cooking, but I struggle to enjoy it daily. It's that everyday "what's for dinner" question that wears me down and I really need to add some flair, some new skills...some butter, according to Julia.

I went to see the movie with one friend who is crazy about food and cooking. The other friend has "issues" with cooking, to put it simply. I love the idea of it--just not the dailiness of it. So we thought it would be fun to have a monthly cooking party, a Julia Child gathering of sorts where we all agree on the menu and then get together to make it. We could actually eat in the dining room and use the nice tableware, and we could gather in the kitchen and enjoy wonderful smells and conversation, and experience some delicious French food.

So there's the plan. The next step will be to actually make it happen. But if Julie can do 564 recipes in 365 days, then shouldn't 3 homeschooling moms be able to make 24 in 12 months? Theoretically, yes. More to come...I'll post when it comes together.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Summer's End

The weather is changing. There's that ever-so-slight hint of fall in the air and it is time once again to open the windows, sleep with an extra blanket, start back to school, and have one last hurrah--a camp-out in the back and dad asleep in the tent with a cozy fire outside in the copper fire bowl.

We grilled, we roasted marshmallows, we told stories by the fire, and then the three members of our family who can sleep outside, chose to do so. I on the other hand will appreciate the fact that they can sleep that way and will enjoy the extra space in my own bed, about 50 feet away and on the other side of the screen in my bedroom.

When I'm a better photographer and learn how to take nice photos in low light without an obnoxious flash, I'll post a blog about that. For tonight, I'll just have to be happy with posting the word picture. It's a happy one.