Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When Siblings are Best Friends

We went white water rafting this weekend. What a blast that was! Our whole family was on one raft with "Uncle Rob" and though the rapids weren't huge, they were perfect for first-timers. We worked together and quickly got the hang of it, and before long we were pros. All I can think is "When can we go again?"

We allowed Matty to stay on an extra night with our friends Rob and Sue and their grandson and another boy. Molly was not happy about this, and when we left him behind she cried and hugged him and said, "I want you to come with us, Matty." He hugged and kissed her and said not to worry--he'd be back the next day, and so we set off.

When he returned the next day, Molly was so happy to see him. For the first time ever, he actually admitted to being homesick and missing us. He asked if Molly cried a lot when we left, and she hadn't really, but he said her crying was the hardest part of his separation from us. That night when we tucked them into bed, I witnessed this scene: Molly snuggled up close to Matty and put her arm across his chest.

"Matty, when you were away did you feel alone?"
"No, I was with two other boys."
"Were you scared?"
"No, I was okay."
"I want to snuggle with you because I missed you so much...I want to be with you, Matty...You're such a nice brother...I love you..."
"I love you too, Molly."
And then they were asleep. All was right in their worlds again.

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