Sunday, September 06, 2009

Summer's End

The weather is changing. There's that ever-so-slight hint of fall in the air and it is time once again to open the windows, sleep with an extra blanket, start back to school, and have one last hurrah--a camp-out in the back and dad asleep in the tent with a cozy fire outside in the copper fire bowl.

We grilled, we roasted marshmallows, we told stories by the fire, and then the three members of our family who can sleep outside, chose to do so. I on the other hand will appreciate the fact that they can sleep that way and will enjoy the extra space in my own bed, about 50 feet away and on the other side of the screen in my bedroom.

When I'm a better photographer and learn how to take nice photos in low light without an obnoxious flash, I'll post a blog about that. For tonight, I'll just have to be happy with posting the word picture. It's a happy one.

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