Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We Met Jan Brett!

The kids and I had an opportunity to meet Jan Brett. We have been very inspired by her the last couple of years. She is the author and illustrator of many books for children, and they are some of our favorites. Comet's Nine Lives, Trouble With Trolls, Gingerbread Baby, among her others, are books that demand all the attention of the child and the reader, because of the detail of the pictures that go along with the stories. She is a delightful woman and very sincere, and she seems to take genuine interest in her audience. Her whole countenance changed when Matty presented her with a picture that he drew for her and wanted to give to her. She encouraged him to keep his artwork and instead signed it for him!

Matty was thrilled to have his picture taken with the hedgehog who was stationed at the door to greet the people. Molly was scared of it until we told her it was just a person in a costume. Then she was able to get close to it.

We waited for three hours to get our book signed. The kids made use of the time and practiced drawing their best Jan Brett pictures while they waited. I was really impressed with Molly's ability to copy and make it actually look how she meant for it to look. I'm sensing some natural ability here, perhaps? (Mom crossing fingers, praying for a "yes!")

While they waited to meet Jan, both the kids stretched out on the floor and drew pictures of Jan's favorite animals--hedgehogs. Below, Jan is admiring Matty's artwork that he presented to her.

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