Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Why is it always About the Cats?

Albert has not yet come home.  We don't dismiss the possibility of his return, by any means, but it seems some newcomers to the family have worked their way on the scene.  If Albert-ol-boy does come home, well...we'll have a lot of cats.

We had to check for him at the local shelter, of course.  When we did, the kids and I roamed around and looked at all the pets that were there for adoption.  Certainly we weren't looking for ourselves--just admiring all the cute, cuddly, wonderful, adoptable, heart-melting creatures that were begging every passing soul to rescue them.  Matty and I found ourselves lingering in front of one cage in particular.  Four eyes, eight legs, loud purrs, sweet snuggles...oh brothers!

These guys snatched about ten minutes of our sanity and here we are...Jack and Oliver are now part of the Mine family, and I'll say it again... "NO MORE CATS!"

...Until the next time one really, really sweet cat tells me she's been waiting just for me and really needs a home...ugh.  My allergies really can't take it.

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Daisy said...

I'm sorry to hear about Albert. I hope he turns up. Your new family members are very very cute.