Sunday, July 06, 2008

It's July, and we've just celebrated Independence Day. It's a fitting time to begin this blog, as we have had a year full of changes, challenges, reordering, and transition. Glen is now a "free agent," enjoying his saved leave and preparing for the day when we no longer are employed by the Coast Guard (it's called "terminal leave," but that sounds so deadly!) He's on the hunt for a new career now. It's been a pretty low-key year, but we've made some very special memories: Molly's baptism and friends visiting at Easter, Matty playing his first season of Little League, the annual family retreat where Glen and I renewed our vows, hiked with the kids, and visited with good friends, and Matty and Glen attending a week-long day camp with the local Cub Scout troop. This summer we've joined a pool and spend a lot of time soaking in the sun and chlorine and just hanging out together. All in all, it's been a pretty low-key year, as we've had to slow down and evaluate things anew--see "What I Need" at our other blog, The Accidental Homeschooler.

Matty and Molly are growing and changing, as children have the unnerving habit of doing, and the lack of news from us has much to do with the fact that I have trouble keeping up with the growing and changing, and figuring out how to post on a supposedly wyswyg'ed blog is not part of the priority list, unless I have a big chunk of time, like now. I've posted some of the best photos of this year so far, from Molly's baptism at Easter to Matty's first season of Little League. His team, the White Sox, finished second! (We won't discuss the fact that both Mom and Dad turn into raving lunatics during games--Glen usually comes home hoarse!) Matty and Glen attended a week-long Cub Scout day camp, and had a wonderful time. Molly and I did a lot of puttering around.

In about a week we'll be heading down to North Carolina to visit friends Doug and Kate who proudly hold the right to parent our godson, Joshua. Glen's parents will come for a visit in August, at Matty's birthday, and shortly after that, it's back to school! Now that I have the hang of this blog format, I'll be able to post more regularly...sorry for the long delay in sending photos and news!

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