Sunday, January 04, 2009

Goodbye, Sam

This Sunday morning we said goodbye to our friend of 10 1/2 years...Samson, our cat. Last night he had another bad seizure (he'd had one in November, alerting us to the fact that he was not well, so we were prepared). This time he didn't fully come out of the seizure, and his whole left side was paralyzed. Both Glen and I felt the time was right to let him go peacefully, knowing that his situation was not going to get any better. He was a great cat--a big ol' lover-boy, flycatcher extraordinaire, chewer of paper, (especially of important documents), faithful alarm clock, hunter and presenter of gruesome gifts, companion, friend.

He will be very missed around here. I can't help but be thankful, even in the sorrow, that God allowed him to be entrusted to us for a time. It is a privilege to care for God's creatures, and we are blessed by the joy they bring to our hearts. Goodbye, Sammy-ol-boy. We love you.

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